Watch out!

Our planet is a rotating sphere with a gas envelope (the atmosphere). We know that the heating by the sun and the rotation combined causes movements in the atmosphere (winds). When the earth is subject to an overall global warming the average density of the atmosphere decreases. However, the angular momentum must be conserved or else the earth would not rotate at constant speed. This implies that when the atmosphere density decrases the average wind speed must increase as to conserve angular momentum. With higher wind speeds more humidity will be transported from one area to another area.

What this means is:
 - When it is raining it will rain alot (flooding)
 - When it is dry it will be very dry (drought)
 - When the wind is blowing it will be at higher speeds (storm damage)
 - When it is hot it will be more hot (heat wave)
 - When it is cold it will be more cold (frost damage)


This is fully consistent with what the meterologists predict:

"We will se more severe weather in the future"